Monday, October 27, 2008

Racing Season Starts

I just raced my last club race before the National season starts.

Ever wanted to turn back time? Well I sure did on the weekend, oh the pain. I realised I really haven't create the base I wanted to have by this time of the season.

A flat on the first lap certainly didn't help things to much either.

Ever take someone eles's advice and then realised you should have just kept doing what you were doing to start with. Well this was the case with tyres, I was told you light fast tyres, etc,etc. So I went and spent $150 on new tyres... within 5 rides both tyres are wrecked and I am back on the old ones....... If in doubt look at the guys that are winning events!

Club race went ok other than that. The track has been shortened for the club races and the race is done and dusted in about 50 minutes. But believe me its not an easy 50 minutes. The long downhill has been cut out and you basically race at threshold heart rate the entire time. Not unlike a road crit or short track XC.

6 Days till the nationals.....

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